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Deep Blue

Random thoughts from the Azure Cat


Majestic Blue



August 19th, 2009


Majestic Blue
So, first night of class the previous evening. Communications 1201 ("Public Speaking") and Math 97 ("Beginning Algebra [AKA "Algebra for Dummies])

Wasn't too bad, considering I've been away from class for the last 10 years. I'm stll having some number panic from havng to go to a math class, but I think I can survive. Pre-calc...I'm not so sure.

I picked up my books today at lunch, for the tune of my first born child. Skimmed through them both and went through the first chapter for speech.

Otherwise, not much to report.

October 7th, 2008

Fox tales

This is why you shold NEVER try and collect a "sounvineer" from your roadkill.


September 15th, 2008

Not so friendly politics

lion anthro
I'm going to put this under a cut since it is going to be at its best a rant, and at the worst a very angry post. It's Monday morning and I don't have time for BS.

Read more if you want...Collapse )

September 11th, 2008

Dark corners of the mind

Majestic Blue
"When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."
Friedrich Nietzsche

I finished another short story yesterday from the minor collection of horror peieces I've been working at off and on now. It's another vaguely "true horror" kind of story. (For what I mean by this see my eariler entry "Horrorshow")

It's about a guy wgo takes a VERY wrong turn while driving in backwoods Georgia. The main character is one of those "protagonist/antagonist" types. The kind who is a real bastard, and you aren't supposed to feel sorry for when something awful happens to him; but when he's put up against the other characters in the story he's practicly a saint.

Anyway. After putting a lot of work in my novel, it was nice to take a break and actualy get a piece *finished.*  I've now gotten two stories from this project done. I think I'm going to put them up for peer review on my writers community forums and get some feedback from the group on them. After that, I think I want to try submitting it to a few magazine and e-zines for publication. I saw a few that even pay for work. Woulned't that be nice? Heck, one or two of them even comple selected stories into books once or twice a year.

It's probably a bit of a pipe dream, but I want to get my feet wet at the publication process. See how it works really. If anything I'l probably end up throwing it up here at some point assuming I can make it fit. (It's currently nine pages and over 5000 words. Not long for a short story, but massive for a web post.)

I hereby release you all back to your regularly scheduled reality.


August 15th, 2008

I know this is coming a bit late for some people but I'm just throwing it out there.

I'm arranging a trip with some of the local furs to go to 6 Flags over Georgia--White Water Water park. If you would like to come join us, here's the scoop:

We will be meeting in the parking lot at the main ticket counter at 10:00 AM, This Sunday . (August 17th) Directions to the park as well as all the other fun details can be found at the website here.

The cost is 29.99 at the gate. You can get discount tickets at your local Publix grocery store. Please remember to bring your own gear, adn that the park is family friendly.

If you have questions, leave a comment of send me an email on the Atlanta FLORA or ARF lists.

In the event of rain we will stand in the parking lot until we are all sufficantly wet. (kidding)

Hope to see everyone there


Open a vein

Fursuit Head

"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia."
E.L. Doctorow

The sports collumnest Walter Wellesly "Red" Smith once said writing is easy. All you have to do is "sit down and open a vein." (Emo sports writers ftw, right?) If that's the case, I've bled all over my book. Err...not like that, okay?

ANYWAY! I finaly got chapter eight done in my book, finisheing off part three with it. I'm really happy with the progress that I'm making lately. I've been trying to give myself regular time to write and review what I've done. I like how the plot is coming along although I wonder if I took to long to get to what *I* considered to be the central plot elements. On the other paw, from the standpoint of a reader, it might simply seem like what the book revolves around is different from what I think it's about. I've done a lot of reworkig over time on the outline that I work off of, and I feel like if I took anything out of the book it certainly wouldn't be the same story.

I'm glad to be back on making regular progress in this, because for a while it was feeling like the year my book takes place in (2035) would be long passed by the time the story is in print. 

I'm just down to the part of reading it myself, having someone else read it, and then making any changes I think that it needs. Then i can sit down with the outline for the next chapter and refine that as it works in. Then, down to part three, chapter nine.

*sharpens pencils*

August 7th, 2008

Read this

lion anthro

Okay, so since foxxdamone is busy doing his daily rants I need to interject and put in a few of my own:

First one: TL;DR

I *HATE* people who do that shit! You're telling me you are so lazy that you can't read something? I actually saw this once posted below someone who had posted no more than three lines of text on a forum. What the hell?! These are the same people who proudly announce "i don't read books." I have a co-worker like that and he is really quite proud of the fact that he doesn’t read anything more than a single paragraph. Furthermore, if you can't bother to read what was written, then DON'T COMMENT. It's simple. There’s no reason to say "I don't bother to read things because it had more than five sentences in it." If that's too much for your brain to handle, then crawl back in your cave and go look at your coloring books.

I can understand the whole "wall o' text' thing, where people use no punctuation, line breaks or paragraphs to break up an article of three pages. That's fine. That gives me a headache to read.  But the ones where someone writes something that is easy to follow, and in many cases not more then one or two paragraphs, and you see below it, "tl;dr" makes me want to hit them with a dictionary.


Second one: The Large Hadron Collider

I'll keep this simple for the reason that I could otherwise be going into a lot of physics and I'd inevitably end up with a lot of confused critters.


Just because some moron in the media who has no idea what is going on says that a black hole is going to suck up the earth, dose not mean that it's true. My suggestion: read up on physics, and what the LHC is and will be looking for and maybe people will stop text-screaming at me that the the world is going to be sucked into an alternate dimension, and we'll all be made into slaves for our alien overlords by next Monday.

Science. You're doin' it wrong.

Thank you, that is all for now. I'm going to go take an aspirin and relax for now.

Comments are screened.


July 24th, 2008

Here kitty, kitty...

So I was looking through the music I imported to my workstation at work today and I noticed I have a number of songs involving cats in the title:

65daysofstatic-- "This Cat is a Landmine"

Bush-- "The Disease of the Dancing Cats."

Blaqk Audio-- "Stiff Kittens" 

Interestingly, none of these songs have anythign to do with cats. The first one is an instumental piece, the second one is a kind of antiestablishment/enviromentalist/protest kind of song, and the third is just...I'm not sure how to describe the third one.  Defenatly dosen't make you think of cats.

July 23rd, 2008

So I was looking for an email that I thought might have gotten caught in my gmail spam fileter, adn came across an odd looking email header:

"Switserland  to be devoured by black hole."

That's one of the most specific black holes I've ever heard of. 

July 21st, 2008

Try to describe yourself in one sentence.
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I am my own person.
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